the journey begins

It’s so simple, now that I am living it….the decision to let go of the ‘fitness’ part of my world, my business and focus on FREEDOM has been the best decision I have ever made.

Letting go of the desire to JUST be focused on delayed onset muscle soreness, the intervals, and heart rate zones. I know I always had a coaching component as a Personal Trainer and in my group classes, but I have experienced such an internal shift that I truly cringed everytime I got into my van with ‘reel life fitness’ on it.

Fitness didn’t fix my struggle with food and body, it wasn’t about food, it wasn’t about the workouts, the running, the boxing and strenth training. IT WAS ABOUT what was happening for me on the inside.

What I was feeling, and ignoring,
What I was feeling, and brusing away,
What I was feeling, and was afraid to say, because I wanted to be loved,
What I was feeling, and was shameful of admitting, because I didn’t want to be alone.

In this moment, I feel like the sun is rising on a new day. I want to share my experience, my messages, the work I have done for my own growth AND share the transformations of the women I have coached with YOU.

If I can do this work, and live an amazing, heart opened, beautiful life, so can you. YOU deserve it, YOU are worth it, and YOU are special.

Let the journey begin…..NOW!


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