slow down…

I remember when the first time someone, likely my husband…slow down, just sit, you don’t have to do it all.

JUST SLOW DOWN…..did she realize that I have a family, 3 active boys, a business, a mortgage, needed to workout, the meal planning and the list went on and on…..

Wanna know what was underneath the DOING, the lists, the superwoman mask……just me. Not feeling good enough, hustling, trying to do it all, and wearing myself thin…

MY SOUL, MY CORE, MY HEART was exhausted…the type of exhaustion that sleep wouldn’t, couldn’t fix, couldn’t fill, DIDN’T fill.

There has been shifts….in me, my being, and for those around me. I am owning my truth, I am starting to believe, truly believe that I AM ENOUGH, as I am, in this moment. IN THIS BODY, sitting in this chair, with my chocolate lab at my feet.

I am important,
I am special,
I get to choose how to live my life,


I get to slow down and just BE.
Let go of the lists,
do what feels right in the moment.

Maybe a book, I am not quite done THIS IS ME, by Kate (in THIS IS US), if you watch this show it’s a MUST read.

I might zip downstairs to the office and work, head out for walk, run or hike. What I know for sure, is that the ‘hustling’ days are over.

There is a lot a more happening inside for me as I SLOW DOWN, and I feel more alive and free than I ever have.

TRY IT OUT…..see and feel what happens…..share it with me…I would love to hear!

“what would happen if….”

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