uncertainty & possibility

Somedays I just pinch myself…I cannot believe the life I live….

Our family is together, everyday!
I am working from home, and my career is flourishing,
I am touching and transforming the lives of women,
I LOVE my house,
I miss my friends and family in Victoria…my heart aches somedays.
I feel alone,
I am getting out of my comfort zone — ALOT!
I am not struggling with food and my body!!!!!

I had no idea that this is where my life would be a year ago.
I just knew I wasn’t happy, our family wasn’t happy.

there was so much uncertainty,

I NEVER would have imagined the life I live right now….

And so, I am going trust a little, follow my gut, a whole lot more,
KNOW that I don’t have to be perfect, I am good enough as I am.

When I started 2019, what words that came to me, to guide me were:


That is where I am going to put my energy, make my decisions from everyday.

BECAUSE when I do that, the uncertainty becomes a little less scary and the possibility seems WIDE OPEN!

WHERE is the uncertainty in your world? What do you want to create? What is your gut telling you?

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