FOOD is the enemy, or is it?

MY body, YOUR body, MY struggle, YOUR struggle with losing and gaining weight…..has NOTHING to do with food….or fitness for that matter.  As I said above, my tag line…’eat well, be active, be ‘reel’….was missing something… was missing the ‘feel’….

WE are searching for the FEELING that is connected with of wearing that dress, being that size, getting that promotion, walking down the aisle….

It’s NOT about the THING, it’s never about the “thing”…..

When we do the inner work, and feel our emotions, when we embrace the pain, celebrate the happiness, and experience growth, there is a weight release.  When we stop eating food for numbness and distraction from what we are truly feeling…..we can feel the lightness. I eat food because I am hungry and to nourish my body.  Don’t get me wrong, I also eat for pleasure, but what I have realized is that I don’t want as much of ‘those’ foods that make my body feel yucky. I listen to my body when I used to eat pizza on a Friday night. I don’t cook on Fridays…EVER. But I also don’t eat the pizza my boys love. Johnny and I have chosen to eat sushi…I feel so much better, less salty, less oily and I sleep better.  

I choose to run because my body wants to move….I box or slam my sandbells to feel powerful and strong.  I stretch to lengthen my muscles and to prevent injury.  I don’t do any of it to be a certain size. I AM SOOOOO INCREDIBLY PROUD to say at 45 (almost 46) there is no value or worth to the shape or size of my body. It is my vessel that surrounds my being, my heart, and my generosity.

If you want to live your life on a lighter frame…if you want to be 10 or 15 pounds lighter…go for it. But please, don’t do it with restricting food, working out of fear that you will gain a few pounds!! Don’t be in denial of your true feelings, choosing to hate your body, and being guided by society’s views of what beauty is.   It serves no one, not you and especially not children who are watching you, and will model what you do and who you are.

Learning to love yourself, takes acceptance, TODAY!! And if you aren’t ready to go for the gusto…start by ‘being honest about what you do feel’. YOU will get there…layer by layer, when you express, connect, trust, commit, and show gratitude, you will feel lighter, vibrant and alive.  

You see, it’s not about the food…we think it’s about the food….the doritos, the ice cream, the will power or lack of control. BUT it’s not. Its’ about changing your body and changing your life with compassion, love and connection……FEELING, and doing more of what you love, and less of what you don’t.  

Don’t miss Episode #4 of the Reel Life Freedom Podcast being released on March 5th…..I am going to explore our relationship with food, eating for health, hunger, and pleasure and so much more.

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