The Game of LIFE…

I remember when I first heard Samantha Skelly from Hungry for Happiness talk about LIFE being a game….. Thoughts in my head….”say WHAT, life is a game, not when you have a mortgage, kids, a dog and sooo much to do”. The only reference for me about life being a game, was the boardgame ‘Game of Life’ that I played in the 80’s.

I struggled with the idea of life being a game… made no sense to me back then, but wow have things changed. Two and a half years ago, I had a business, a family, I had repsonsiblities…..LIFE was definitely not a game, I had a to do list as long as my arm, and time was a ticking… was all about the hustle to get it done. The perfectionist in me was wearing the “Everything is Awesome” mask, doing, achieving, exhausted, and overwhelmed….there was no opportunity to play the game of life.


I am not saying we don’t have to be responsible…save for the future, be dependable, set a great examples for the children that we are raising. I am not saying skip work, and go to the beach, snowboarding and tobogganing.

I am just saying let’s not forget about the pleasure, the play, the FUN in our daily life. WE DIE only once….and we live everyday. Our life is not a dress rehearsal, there are no do-overs….


Anyone who knows me, and knows me well, knows I love a GUESSING GAME and a RHYME. In fact, I have come up with some pretty good rhymes on runs around Elk Lake and limericks for Boot Camp over the years. How long til our meal comes, what vehicle will pass us next on the highway? Who will be the next person to score a goal or touchdown.

When we play, let go a little, express ourselves through movement, painting, singing, or just be a little silly, we take the edge off. We get to breathe a little deeper, love a little stronger, and live a little freer, life becomes flowy.

Take a look at how our children express themselves, want to play, and have fun. Look at the range of emotions they get to express, share, and feel. We were once this open to feeling the range of emotions….anger, sadness, bliss, excitement ALL within a matter of minutes….just like the kids in our life.

Let’s take a page of our childrens books today…

EXPRESS yourself,
PLAY Monopoly,
PRETEND to be a princess,
for THAT is HOW you will create your life.

YOU CANNOT create what you do not see, want, or desire!

It seems so much easier to feel, to laugh, to say what we want, and mean what we say…..when we can connect to that younger, smaller version of ourselves, the playful one. When we have compassion and curosity about what we feel, and for what triggers us as grown ups…..then we get to grow and LEARN in this GAME called life.

HAVE a little fun today….this week, and this month. Don’t forget to message me, I wanna know how, when you chose to let go, and have fun, just a little.

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