peeling back the layers

There is no THERE! I repeat, THERE IS NO THERE!

This thing we call life, IS the journey…THE THERE is in the moments we live, create, waste, feeling angry, resentful, and full of happiness. The journey is the magic, the heartache, the pain, the struggle, the elation, the BLISS, the connection and the feeling of coming home to our body! The journey is in the lifes we live, and those people, little and big, that we touch….


I have coached so many women who want to get ‘there’…..”teach me and coach me on what I have to know, they say….and then I can live”. BUT this is the thing, it’s about that journey, the experience, the feelings along the way. THAT is life! We live everyday and DIE once…choosing the journey over getting ‘there’…is a gift to yourself.

It’s so exciting to me….to have seen my journey unfold, to see and feel the healing that has occurred with my relationship with food and my body over the past 2 1/2 years. BUT IT’S NOT GOING TO STOP….I am NOT going back to the way I was…they negative self talk, the fear, the overeating, the guilt, the restriction and over exercise. I felt so unworthy, unlovable, and sad.

I chose to, and continue to choose….to PEEL back the layers…..of my growth, of the stickiness, of the things, the people, the situations that have upset me, that trigger me, and that hold me back. AND YOU CAN TOO!

This work, this life you get to live, is about getting to know the ‘reel’ YOU every day. Being so present, and connected to what you want out of life, that you go after it, do it, BE IT, day after day. WE have to see the vision….then we get to peel a layer, getting closer to that creation, on the daily.

Have you every played the IF when GAME? IF I lose 10 pounds, then I will reward myself with new clothes. If I get the promotion, then I will have confidence to speak up. WHAT if we, YOU and I in this moment let go of the IF when…and just decided how we wanted to live our lives…..

WITHOUT any conditions….
knowing and feeling
you are important NOW,
you are special,
today and tomorrow,
and yesterday.
YOU deserve to be happy,
and get to feel all the feelings,
that are within us,
the dark, the heavy,
the excitement, the power,
as women,
as Mamas.

WHAT if that was how you lived your moments, on your journey, on this thing called LIFE?

The growth for me is still happening….and as the layers are getting closer to the core of that onion, I feel true pain. Those layers don’t come off easily like they did at the beginning of this journey, like the paper thin layers of the onion. I have to use the knife to cut into the onion, the layer is tougher, thicker, a bit more difficult to peel away from the core. The pain is there, but I choose to feel it.

My growth is deep, the layers are peeling, and I am open to this journey to connect to the ‘reel’ me…….what layers can you peel off today, this week, this month to feel it too?

2 thoughts on “peeling back the layers

  1. Love this entry Cheryl, sooooo good!


    1. Thanks Laura…came from my heart!!


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