leading with my heart…

What if I just slowed down, let go of the lists and just followed my heart?

I remember a time, where this would make me angry, annoyed and what is leading with the heart anyway? This woman said to me, “you will get done, what you are meant to, there is no need to stress or even have a list of things to do.”.

My heart started to beat faster,
color flushed through my cheeks,
was she serious?

Easy for her to say….no kids, no husband, no business, just going to work and taking care of herself….yeah right, no lists….SLOW DOWN

UNTIL I connected with the bigger picture….

What was it costing me to COAST through life on autopilot, disconnected from those I love, in the rat race, and wearing the supermom mask like a badge of HONOUR. Was I full of happiness and wonder?

Truth bomb,
it was felt awful,
I felt like a failure,
never getting ahead,
ALWAYS feeling one step behind,
RARELY being present and in the moment.

AND so…..

I started to let go of the lists,
as it turns out when I looked at them, some of the items had been there for weeks, even months.
I didn’t want my days to be measured in ‘things’ I checked off or didn’t.

I wanted CONNECTION, with myself, with my family, my friends
AND so….
The timers went on….several moments throughout the day, a song would
would soflty remind me that I AM HERE….ones like Kindly Calm Me Down, Having it All, Set it All Free (I love that one…gets all my anger released with ease).

There was feeling, connection, a BEING.
NOT to prove anything,
NOT to be the perfect wife, mom, trainer etc…
NOT because it was the ‘thing’ to do.

BUT because it was truly one of the first actions that really made a difference for me, and the women I coach. The timers guided to slow down and feel…
what were the messages in my mind, how did my body feel, was I showing up?

You see…

CHOOSING to be present,
being mindful,
while eating, while chatting,
noticing flavour explosions in our mouth,
noticing flecks of colour in the eyes looking back at you.

THIS WAS living….
not rushing around people pleasing, DOING, and getting things done.

LEADING with your heart is
feeling all the things…
the bliss, the joy, the fun on spring break with your family,
being silly, sleeping in, and staying up late,
creating memories,
but for your children and those around you.

AND leading with your heart is
being HONEST about what you feel,
so we can take action, to shift, change,
to live our fullest life.

Every morning when I awake, about 5 minutes before my husbands alarm goes off….to the tune of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles…..
I bring BOTH hands to my heart…..take 20 breaths…
SLOW inhale, SLOW exhales,
FULL, deep, belly breaths,
belly rises, chest lifts, HEART opens.

I choose in those moments how I want to show up in the world for the day to come,
it’s my life….
what I have realized….IS
how I feel, how I move through this world, impacts those around me.
I get to be ‘reel’, honest with what I feel….
on the days that feel heavy, dark, sad, and lonely….
I sit in it….feel it, include it in my day, WHILE
knowing, connecting to the whispers in my soul (ok I know some of you will feel this is out there) but truthfully, it’s been a game changer for me…
following my heart, slowing down, just being ME, has been a gift.
the gift of LEADING with my heart.

What would happen if you lead your life, from a heart centered place? What would it feel like?

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