Just so you know….I am one of those women, coaches, personal trainers, who lives in the moment. I am not a scheduler of social media posts, for those of you in my community, my tribe OR the women I coach 1:1 or in a group.

I have tried that, and it doesn’t feel authentic to me….I KNOW the wisdom of being ‘reel’…sharing what is my truth, AND believing that I am not alone in those moments of triumph, heartache, overwhelm and creation IN THE MOMENT…

Every Wednesday, well actually every day, I am up at 5:30 am….grab a lemon water, AND my coffee and head to the couch…

HANDS on my heart,
what is it whispering…
what is my body telling me,
am I going to hear her?

One of the grandest gifts for me over the past couple of years is connecting to the younger, smaller version of me….

What she wants,

I KNOW WHEN I slow down,
take care of her,
nurture her,
honour her,
have some fun,
let loose,
do a cartwheel,
get outside,
be silly,

I FEEL LIGHTER, moment by moment,
I feel a little transformation.
NOT all at once,
but it is happening.

YOU, me, we all have everything within us
to be, all that what we desire.
I look at the moments I feel overwhelmed, stressed, and worried.

I choose presence, and when I feel I want to numb out,
with food, wine, or distraction,
I smile….

You see, when we overeat, binge, numb, avoid, tune out,
we feel uncertain, we are diconnected, we feel alone,
we choose not to feel…
what if we in those moments PAUSED,
created opportunities and TRANSFORMED in the moment,
one moment at a time,
just like William does with his Catchbot, his ‘Transformer’

What would happen if…
we created the feelings we desire in actions that lift us up…
IF we created feelings of
comfort, safety, connection, certainty, significance, love….
NOT WITH tuning out, numbing out, avoiding life.

If you were to be reflective…and ponder,
How do those feelings show up in your world?
When I connect to this…I don’t want to numb out..
I want to feel…all the things

For me…
comfort is a warm blanket, writing in my journal,
safety is talking to my husband about what I feel, what I am afraid of and what lights me up,
connection is reaching out to friends, family, facetime, going for a walk to the school yard to shoot hoops with Johnny & Matthew,
certainty is knowing, the true knowing that I just get to listen to the whispers of my intuition…..she knows how guide me, and has never let me down,
significance is owning my worth in this world, stepping into my vulnerability and sharing my messages with other moms, women just like me,
LOVE, love is warmth, heart centered living, taking action from me just being ME.
BECAUSE when I am lisening to my heart,
I am calm, loving, peaceful, and get to ‘transform’ into the best ME, best MOM, and best WIFE I can be.

For me…transformation begins and ends with what is INSIDE…yes the outside external world changes and shifts, but the beauty of within is the bliss.

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