stillness or movement?

YOGA or a run?
Breathwork or boxing?
Stillness or Strength training?

I shared with one of my coaching groups in the last couple of weeks…I have not ‘moved’ by body, like really moved my body…consistently since I moved to Kamloops. In fact I don’t think I have worked out 10 times in total over the last 8 months. There is resistance for sure…..a feeling of it’s not my JOB anymore.

I felt freedom, I didn’t HAVE to wear lululemon everyday anymore. You know fitness was my world, it totally was, but it was also weighing on me. IT was my identity. EVERYTHING I did, ate, how I moved was guided by this connection to me being a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor. What did people expect of me to look like, act, oh the stories I attached to this identity.

Shifting reel life fitness, to reel life freedom was cleansing…..removing it off my van…..A GIFT, it felt so light. As a food and body coach, I get to be ME, without judgement. I am still personal training at the YMCA on a weekly basis, but it doesn’t define me. I AM ME, just as I am. With all of this soul searching about where I belong…Kamloops, Victoria, personal trainer, fitness instructor, food & body coach….I felt overhwelmed, living in the centre of a vortex of swirl….and guess what happens in the centre of that swirl….

NOTHING…there is calm, there is STILLNESS.

One of the biggest gifts for me is knowing, feeling, and BELIEVING that in stillness,
there is strength,
in breath,
there is power,
in yoga,
my heart gets to open and feel
AND there is is
exhilaration in my entire body
when I run up a hill,
or hike in the mountains.

I love the heaviness in my legs,
the sweat collect on my upper lip,
my lungs, feel full, open and
I feel ALIVE.

FOR me in this moment,
elevates my heartrate,
invites in the lactic acid into my muscles,
it moves energy in my body.
They don’t call it a runners high, for nothing.
We don’t REGRET a workout, a sweat session,
because of the gifts it creates for us.

WHEN our intention is fun, love,
to feel alive when we move….
to sweat, to get stronger, to box,
to hike, to bike, and spin.

Lean into the balance of STILLNESS
in your world.
Stillness is a gift,
to listen to what is important
It is NOT a WASTE of time,
BEING PRODUCTIVE loses it wonder when
we live in OVERWHELM.

If you are feeling you desire more movement in your world,
or your lustre and excitment for moving is dull.
be STILL and listen.

We get to choose to get off the hamster wheel,
choose stillness, presence, and feel into our
bodies, and listen to the thoughts in our mind.

All the answers lie within,
Is your body craving stillness or to MOVE the energy,
its a balance,
like a TUG of WAR, without a winner or loser,
just opposing forces pulling you and
you GETTING to listen.
LIFE is a game…..just like Tug of War…
we get to play, have fun, and lean into what
feels good.

What is your body desiring today…..stillness, movement or both?
I have experienced my morning meditation already this morning, AND my
body is craving to move, to release and be free, in this sunny, mountain city.

NOW that gets me excited to get active. MMMMM I wonder what it will be,
I will share with you today. I will be watching for your share on stillness and

There is no OR, our experience gets to include BOTH.

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