What’s your STORY?

What we believe, impacts what we think. THOSE thoughts, the noise, the chatter, the negative self talk, the how come’s, the should and shouldnt’s GUIDE our day, how we FEEL, and ultimately how you live your day, your life.

But where do the stories in our mind come from, do they ever really turn off?
Are they TRUE?

I have been soooo excited lately because my stress, my worry, the overwhelm that used to consume me….is no longer.

WHY you ask?
Because the worry and axiety were just crappy stories that I CREATED about something that was going to happen in the future. Why was I doing that? Why are you doing that?

What if you shifted the story, changed it, where there is excitement, a positive outcome, or at least neutral experience????

WE are all soooo good about expecting the worse, living a life of overwhelm of getting it all done, not enough time to to do everything. WELL what if our NEW STORY was,

WE DIDN’T have to….that the world would not end, and LETS BE HONEST, we aren’t getting it all done and look how that is serving us???

What if we created a new story.

Here’s an example….
I am heading to Vancouver this weekend with the fam jam for a hockey tournament. Previously the story would have been about worry, about what are we going to eat, anxiety about what restaurants to go to, not wanting to eat out the entire time, what about Johnny and his celiac disease, what will he eat. There is concern that it will be so tiring for the Easter long weekend because it will be go go go, without time to think straight. That I will have to recuperate on Sunday after being exhausted for days AND I have soooo much to do planning for my retreat next week. This makes my body tense up, just typing this.

BUT what if the story shifted…that we get to go to a hotel and have more fun, than worry. That we get to go to the pool with the boys AND have some down time. There will be no cleaning for me to do, no meal prep, especially if I do some before I leave, getting fruits/veggies ready and do some baking for the trip. I might even get to read a book as the boys fall asleep early in the hotel, but I am wide awake. What if I zipped out in the morning for a run or to the fitness centre. AAHHH this doesn’t sound overwhelming at all. How about focusing on the excitement of Matthew having his relatives at the game, scoring goals and living his little dream. Maybe I’ll even get across the street from the hotel to the mall and do a little shopping on my own, or with one of the hockey moms.

SEE how our mind, the stories we attach to our life, can create the life we live. YOU get to choose.
YOU get to listen to the story AND QUIET it down.
NOTICE the whispers or screams and be curious about what you want to experience and CREATE.

YOU and only YOU are responsible for the life you live. DAMN that excites me.
It makes me feel LIGHT, and free. DOES it for you too? Or does it feel HEAVY?

PRACTICE…today…listent to the thoughts that pass through your mind…..ask yourself

and if not, if it’s NOT yours let it go….
if there is some truth to the story…continue the curosity….
HOW IS IT helping you, guiding you, bringing lightness and bliss to your day, your life, your world.

THIS image is right above my kitchen sink…..

EVERYDAY, moments upon moments, as I wash the dishes, as I am connecting and nourishing my body in the kitchen, I am reminded…..

“Go confidently, in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined”
“Oh, the places you go”

THIS is the STORY that I get to create….I turn down the noise, the chatter, and turn up the messages of sweetness, excitement, desire.

AND why wouldn’t I, LIFE is so much more FULL and FREE when I do this….
WHY wouldn’t you try it, experiment….what do you have to lose?
SHITTY and crappy stories lead to worry, stress, overwhelm and anxiety.

You get to choose….
Message me and share what stories are living in your world that you get to shift!!

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