what would happen if…

One of my absolute favorite quotes….

THIS is the truth!!! What would happen if we said yes to playing hockey more often with our children, YES to the morning meditation or yoga, NO to the laundry being done every single Wednesday night by 8pm.

What I learned from the AMAZING retreat in Sooke this past weekend….
ALL of the women, including myself are craving, desiring…..

to themselves, the those around them
to FEEL content,
to be SEEN.

And sooo all weekend long, we explored how, HOW and WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF, we gave all of that to ourselves first…..

What would the world feel like,
the days that passed into nights,
the moments when we spend with our families,
close and afar.

I chose this picture from the retreat…
PS THERE are SO many that I will share over the next few months…drawing lessons that we learned, and things/ideas for you to ponder….Thanks Diane for coming and taking the stellar pictures. I did NOT ask her take a picture of the doorknobs..but so happy she did.

But who even notices doorknobs….I did, we all did…..functional and square. I LOVED it. So did the women….we felt so special and important all weekend long, in this amazing home full of love. But if you look at a doorknob, it’s not just aesthetics…there is FUNCTION, they open the door to whats on the other side.

What would happen if….
I ask, What would happen if,
we did something different,
created a square doorknob…
when most of the world have round.

What would happen if we
SLOWED down,
asked for help, received graciously, without reciprocity.
touched more,
looked at the flecks in each persons eye when you spoke to them,
DANCED every single day to your favorite 80’s song,
went to bed early,
CHEERED so loud at a football game that your child heard you,
used breath not just to live, but to LOVE,
to be more connected to YOU,
and show up as your best woman self…

WOW—that got me.
In every moment of our day, our life, we get to choose.
ARE we, are YOU choosing and creating the life you want, and desire?

ALL weekend long we looked at what was holding us back, what felt heavy, we left it there (I will share that in a later blog), we also looked at what we desired….and WE CREATED action steps, choices that the women can make everyday when they got home…to get closer to THAT woman she desired.

This was not just a get away, it was and will be an ongoing journey.

We all left the retreat with a blueprint, a game plan about the feelings we desired in our life and how to get there.

I am inviting those women to step into their power, their fierceness, their love, and embody all that they are so that they create the life they desire. AND I WILL BE THERE TO GUIDE them on that journey.

SO my message this week, my mantra for life…
SLOW the hockey sticks down,
enough for you to be present,
and ask yourself….

WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF…we had square doorknobs, what would be possible on the other side of that door.

Message me, share this with a woman who could use a little more pondering in their life. Better yet TAG them.

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