you can’t do it all….

Well, maybe you can! Just not all at the same time!

This last month has been a whirlwind, check that the last 21 days has been a whirlwind!!

Of love, excitement, exhilaration and not going to lie…a little


Over the past few weeks I have spent more days travelling to Sooke, to host a moms retreat, flew to Los Angeles to go to Disneyland and Universal Studios with the family, and NOW in this very moment, I am sitting in the Kamloops airport, waiting for my flight to San Diego.

I am DOING it all, but NOT all at once.

I have learned and I am here to share that we can have dreams, we can achieve them, bringing them into our reality, we really can!!!

There was time together with family on Disney’s Splash Mountain, sweet moments of gratitude holding hands with my husband, and honouring the courage of amazing women wanting to heal their relationship with food at my MOMS retreat.

Following my passion these days….

REQUIRES so much….




laser freaking focus,

listening to my body,

going to bed 8:30pm on those nights when I feel done,

going to a step class as a participant in the back row and letting out a few Woop woop, loving the red face that remained long after the class,

spending time prepping my veggies and taking the time to spiralize the zucchini for my lunch.

You see, all of this doesn’t happen every single day, but the more it happens, the more alive I feel.

The more I choose to take 5 mins to breathe before hugging the boys to head to the airport, the more I notice the flecks in my husbands eyes, the more grounded I become. The more I note, remember and reference important information of a woman’s experience in a coaching session…..the more I am just ME!

The noise, the busyness in my mind starts to fade away.

It’s YOUR choice, how do you want to live your life?

Yup I am freaking busy, I have a lot on my plate, but I have never felt more free or light than I do right now.

What does this mean for you, as a mom who is not about to board a flight to California.

It means stop,


feel into, create, think, however you want to word it….

ask yourself how do you want to live your life,

what’s it costing you to continue with the parts of your life that are bringing you down, super uncomfortable, or are holding you back.

I am all about inviting you to take a look, be curious. I have been chatting with a few mins this week who totally get this. They feel the same way and are joining me and the other women in the Mastermind for Moms, beginning to heal, shift and stop the struggle.

Just watch, we are going to build an empire together. Our children, our girls, nieces, daughters, and granddaughters will look at us and wonder why we would have ever

stepped on a scale,

went on a diet,

avoided mirrors,


hated our bodies.

Let’s teach them, let’s show them together that we CAN do it all, we can DREAM, it can become our reality and there is no value or worth in our shape or size!!!!

You with me???! Hope so, I cannot do this alone.

Now that gets me excited to see and meet all the graduating class of the Certification Program this weekend.

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