it’s time to celebrate…

I was in San Diego this past weekend for work! YUP not going to lie, it was pretty sweet. I was able to witness 25 amazing women CELEBRATE and enjoy the embodiment of their coaching experience with Hungry for Happiness over the past 10 months.

I know how much this work has changed my life, as a woman who has struggled with food and my body, as a Mom and as a wife. I love it when I leave a retreat setting, a collaboration of women, like minded women, I feel SOOOO freaking light.

I took so much wisdom home with me, and one of the biggest things was the gift of celebration…not FOR the accomplishment of something…..but of the little things, the internal shifts, the asking for help, setting limits with ourselves and choosing to slow down AND just BE. NOW thats a fantastic thing to celebrate.

What do you mean I ask…I want to connect to what you get to celebrate today…NOT big picture but in this moment….if you are a morning person, you may have only been up for minutes or hours….inhale and exhale…slow down for just a moment, how can you honour and celebrate YOU right now. Where is the gratitude……for what you offer yourself, your family, the world?

What about celebrating, choosing to read this blog, connecting to and following your heart just a little. What about the calmness and sweetness you had during the transition of getting out of the house with the kids, and getting butterflies with that 5 second kiss with your partner or husband. That makes me smile on the inside and OUT. Celebrate THAT!

So often we are cruising on autopilot, so checked out from our emotions, our being, that we sure as hockey sticks don’t honour or celebrate the MOMNESS we bring to our day and to our family. NOTICE where you are growing, what you offer this world and tell me!

BUT what would happen if we did…
celebrate that is…..
and shared this with another woman,
another MOM.

I was on a Mastermind for Moms last night, and what I witnessed was beautiful….Two women who did not know each other, but in passing at one of my baby bootcamps over 1 1/2 ago. One woman says, we have met, you said to me, “welcome to the group… so great you are doing this for yourself, taking time to be with other women and move” or something like that. Enough for Ms J to remember that FEELING of being noticed and feeling special. Now thats a reason to celebrate….in choosing to spend time moving your body and connecting with other moms. And for Ms A…..she is a firecracker who is embodying this work soooo much the ripples of her presence, thoughtfulness and sweetness is being felt….without her even knowing. CELEBRATE that….cuz I AM!!!

These moments, this turning inwards and noticing the world around us AND how we feel will fill yourself up MORE, IS LIVING…this is the reel life freedom I desire. It feels so much better than any accomplishment or ticky box on your to do list.

TRUST me….the hustle, the desire to prove ourselvs and get ackelades from others from doing things or just poeople pleasing is NOT A CELEBRATION of you.

For me today, this week…..I am celebrating the honesty with myself, about where I get to grow and how I get to show up with more intention. I have grown so much, but there are so many more layers to unravel, my triggers, the upset, the feelings that sometimes just feel like too much….

This is ALL opportunity to celebrate…..because in these moments when I am present, aware of my world, and noticing what feels uncomfortable. HELL YEAH I am going to celebrate that.

I will celebrate how this internal work is spilling over to so many women, women that I am mentoring in the Certification Program that are now ready to light up their own coaching world.   Its putting my message out there, sharing my vision….in places where I am uncomfortable like on Instagram…seems ridiculous but I know there are MOMS just like you, just like me that are waiting for a little wisdom and initation to CELEBRATE themselves everyday.

This is so scary to me….another learning curve, but what I have learned….is when I follow my heart, celebrate the gifts I have been given, and being called to do….the fear, the stories…. turns into excitement and opportunity.

For that I am going to
I have chosen to learn, turn inwards and feel uncomfortable in this technology, asking for help when I need. I know I am not too old for IG, there are moms who need to hear that they matter, and are good enough JUST as they are. JUST like YOU.

What can you celebrate right in this moment? Tell me, do YOU celebrate just being alive, showing gratitude for those around you, setting boundaries, saying no, asking for help….sitting down to nourish your body, using breath with intention?

You never know what Mom is reading this and your comments….join me in the CELEBRATION, the connectivity, and the MOMNESS we are, with me!

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