you aren’t that special…

Words to live by…..OR NOT!!

Let’s pull it apart. There I was over 2 years ago, so super excited,
to start the Certification Program,
to coach women,
to add in the MISSING link of FEELING into this work,
my personal training, and into my fitness classes.

My INUITION was on fire,
I felt ALIVE.
I wanted to end my own struggle with food,
I wanted to learn, I wanted to make a difference.

AND then, on a beautiful sunny day,
I heard the words, as I spoke with excitement and wonder.
“You aren’t that special right?”
“Everyone thinks that they can build and online business,
and work from home.” “It’s not that easy”.

The words stung like a BEE,
a big mother F**KING bee,
There was doubt,
there was worry,
there I was FEELING so free with possibility and
then BOOM….smack down!

OH my I was so glad I let go of those words….
I will tell you that for FREE.

I have a gift….I get to share with women, with MOMS,
that they do NOT have to fight with food,
the food can and WILL stop yelling and calling them,
that when they want to lose weight, I share with them there is no magic answer.
I just get to BE me….as I coach, GUIDE, and transform lives.

I will NEVER forget the day that Samantha Skelly
said in our weekly webinar during the Certification Program.
“YOU ARE ALL SPECIAL, so SPECIAL, I am honoured to guide
you, and mentor you”. “But don’t for one hot minute, think that you cannot
be successful, that THIS SUCCESS, just couldn’t happen to you.
YOU are not THAT special!” “You get to create this for your life too,
this wonder, this success, this CHANGING lives.”
“STEP in, SHOW up and BE SPECIAL.”

and yes DAMN it, not that SPECIAL.
It is happening for me. I AM building my business,
impacting women’s lives,
even in the moments I am not aware.
Until I get a text, a DM, or get tagged in a post.

Follow your intuition, let go of the noise, THANK those in your
world for their words, kind and suppportive or NOT.
AND then LIVE the life you desire.
Follow your heart, lead with your soul, and see what happens.
My story has been about growing, as a mom, as a wife, as Mompreneur.

I see the SPECIAL in each one of my boys….
I want to lift them, guide them, and teach them, while they are SPECIAL,
that they are NOT that special,
that GRANDIOSE things won’t happen for them.

Together we rise,
Together as MOMS,
we lift,
we nourish,
we celebrate,
we set limits,
we provide safety,
and we NURTURE GROWTH for our family and within.

Choose to feel SPECIAL today….tell me how it felt, what created that for you.
I soooooo wanna know.

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