try to count them all…

Abundance, money mindset, gratitude….all words that have so much meaning to me. I have so much more awareness in my world these days about the life I have lived, and the life that I get to create.

This week, my focus, my world has reflected on my relationship with money, manifestation, and Moms. The Podcast that was released yesterday with Steph German, was all about exploring $$, the story and what we desire.

What’s your money story? Or is it one of those taboo topics, like sex, politics, that just gets brushed over, not to be opened up. Why is that? How is that serving us anyway. When I think about the opporunity to share the world of abundance, I get excited, and you can too.

THERE IS NO NEED TO FEEL SCARCE ABOUT MONEY? There is so many opportunities to create and to earn money. AND let me tell you when your intention, the passion that drives is to open hearts, create change, and connection, oh there is abundance all right!

One of things I have noticed coaching women, coaching moms…..where there restriction and overeating with food, there is so often restriction and overspending with money. The desire for CONTROL…..if I was a certain size, or a certain number on a scale I would be OK. If I only had more $$, I could relax and be happy.

Or would YOU?

Thats the thing, so often we are chasing the feeling of that thing, our body at a certain weight, consuming or owning ‘stuff’. But does that really bring us true happiness, lightness and connection. NO… does not.

When we are present, when we are patient with ourselves, and we are intentional, truly intentional with what we want to create….life begins to shift, the needle moves forward, we build trust in our life, with food, and with MONEY.

With committment, with purpose, with excitement, and drive, we feel different. If we ‘half ass’ it, give a little, show up a little, we don’t build the evidence that we can, we are, and get to FEEL what we are capable of.

In the moments of life….where we learn, we take steps backwards, we just grow a little, without judgement, and all that negative self talk. THIS data, this info that our body is telling us….. only brings awareness of what is holding us back and what is propelling us forward. AND WE GET TO LISTEN to these whispers.

An abundant mindset isn’t just for our bank accounts, its relates to gratitude, the love and people we have in our lives, love for ourselves.

This picture…is from take from my back deck, my backyard, taken at 5:10 am….sun up, Matt’s hockey net, waiting patiently for him to take some shots. When I feel the pull to feel more abundant, and to step into this amazing life, and to feel the heavy sh*t, because my life has that too, I notice the trees, the leaves, all around me. I cannot count all of them….there are too many. Perhaps, Mother nature is the best teacher of abundance. Look around…..what we focus on expands.

Be honest about your story with money, and with abundance. We cannot shift what we do not acknowledge. Avoidance and distraction of what is our truth, only steals moments from your beating heart…..Notice how your body feels when you think about your financial freedom in this one and only life.

CREATE, feel, and lean into what you desire….how do you want to live your life? Are you not openning bills, living paycheck to paycheck, or showing gratitude for every purchase you make, feeling light when you buy local, excited when you pay for things you have purchased in the past.

What we FOCUS on expands, notice how your money story is guiding how you as you go about your day. And I ask you, what legacy do you want to leave your children? There is sooooo much growth and opportunity. If you don’t have a vision board, or visions, ideas that guide your world…why not? I have vision statments for almost every part of my world… business (every touchpoint), my marriage, my Mom self, health and wellness, connections and relationships…..

I am so clear about the life I desire to live…Here is a snippet of my financial freedom vision….it feels so freaking amazing AND light. Give it try….you won’t be disappointed in the results.

ahhhhhh the flow, the feeling of getting to have so much gratitude for all the flowing of abundance, wealth and being that is FLOWING into and out of
our home.
We are living a sense of wonder and security purchasing those things, experiences, that truly bring joy, bliss and happiness….
BUT from a place of alignment….not out of competition, emotion or numbing.

I LOVE the feeling of paying off our experiences and ‘things’ that we have purchased days, months, and years before. IT FEELS so light.
I love paying the mortgage for this amazing house that we get to live in..the views, the space, the foundation of where we get to build our family.
I am enjoying offering all of my gifts to the women I coach and watch them grow in wisdom and I get to reap the benefits from a coaching perspective.

It feels so light to live in alignment without anxiety, or worry… life experiences from a place of responsibility and leaving a legacy of wealth from the inside out for me…our family, and the boys. 

This makes me smile…..

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