the right stuff

There I was, in the middle of a coaching session…….and she said it,
“I know all about what to do, THE RIGHT STUFF, and the wrong stuff”.

SHE was angry, disappointed with herself because, blaming, and judging the last few weeks of her life. Turning to food late at night, knowing what she was doing, and ‘doing it anyway’. Saying YES to everyone, feeling so exhausted at the end of day, always, always, STARTING TOMORROW.

I STOPPED her right in her tracks, softly of course, but I was not going to let her spiral down, not when I saw so much growth.

One of the things I get so stoked about is observing, and having the perspective to see the sh*t women are going through, feeling, and struggling with AND getting to see their growth.

When we live on autopilot, cruising through life, barely noticing the drive to work, hurrying the kids off to school, going to work, putting in the time, only to come home, cook dinner, get lunches ready and chill with the family…..for some women, there is barely opportunity to be present and notice what we feel.

Barely enough time to fill our cup,
Barely enought time to notice the shifts,
Barely enought time to see our own growth!

UNTIL, someone….like me, says hey …..
there is so much growth in the KNOWING, and feeling the ‘wrong stuff’,
BECAUSE that means you have the awareness, you are present and it feels SH*TTY!

What is the WRONG stuff anyway?? Where is the growth?
It’s the emotional eating, turning to food in the moments we don’t want to feel, when we just want to escape and have it ALL go away!
It’s the people pleasing, and feeling resentful about choices we make.
Its wearing that superwoman mask, so the world sees you as so freaking strong WHILE you are crumbling to pieces on the inside!

WHEN WE KNOW and feel this way…this WRONG stuff, IS the growth!
I get so excited because
when we are honest about what we feel,
we get to do, be, something different.
This is where the magic happens, the beginnings of transformation,
FROM the inside out.

Next time you are discouraged, because in your mind you failed,
when there was more ‘wrong’ stuff in your day, than right,
when you had a ‘bad’ day, with sprinkles of good and lightness,
ask yourself, be curious and
celebrate the GROWTH of this knowing.

YOU know and feel what its like to be in alignment, to be you, to do the RIGHT STUFF…..The FRUSTRATION is having that knowledge and ‘doing it anyway’ without the integration of all the wisdom you have learned.

MOMS…may I have your attention!!!
Growth is not a straight line,
show up with INTEGRITY more often than not, do and be who you say you want to be,
SURRENDER into what life has to offer when you are who you say you are.
And finally you gotta, you just gotta have AWARENESS and PRESENCE, to live this life to its fullest.

OTHERWISE, WHAT’S THE POINT? This is it, our one life. FREAKING notice it, LIVE it, ok, now I am getting sassy…..only because I care, only because I know too many Moms that are spending day after day NOT noticing what they are feeling and are too busy to slow it down and take action.

If you are reading this and this is YOU, show UP, for you life, it’s the only one you have. It’s my responsibility to share this message and be that voice for the woman inside, inviting you to BE you, BE here!

I love this image from the movie The Right Stuff….the space suits, worn to protect astronauts in harsh environments from the outside in space. GUESS what, so many of us are wearing a space suit too, but here on earth, a layer of armour …..that protects us feeling, being seen, and being hurt.

My space suit is long gone, I get to feel, the light, the bliss, the anger, the disapointment, oh yes and the fear of what if I fail. BUT if I just continue to live status quo, no growth, no risks, no feeling uncomforable…..that’s is soooo uninspiring.

But there is no difference between you and I. I am just a woman, just a mom, just a wife, who wanted a more vibrant life……to follow her passion to be ME, completely. AND part of that RIGHT stuff is about guiding Moms to be their best selves. I know it because I see it…………the struggle, the growth and the transformation.

Let the RIGHT stuff be, and the let WRONG stuff guide you in where you get to grow….
I ask you,
“Arent’ those amazing gifts that we get to learn ourselves the precious lessons that we can teach them to our children”
….ummmm the answer is YES!
That’s the RIGHT STUFF!

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