a side ‘sass’…

Ok….so it turns out, I am sassy….
BUT it’s only because I care sooooo much about this work,
ABOUT women,
specifically MOMS who are struggling with food, their body,
continue to diet,
EXERCISE from a place of punishment or to BE a certain number on the scale.

I am sassy about that…because that is NO way to live your one and only life….
I will continue to be a kickass coach,
supporting, guiding, being soooo damn motherly, noticing, SEEING you,
I have transformed lives……
there has been a little SIDE SASS….and there will continue to be…
BECAUSE I am sooo damn passionate.

No more guilt,
no more late night binges,
say goodbby to mindless eating,
this is the life with a little more SASS….

Keep following if you like a little SASS, share with a friend,
we are soooo NOT alone in this journey.
Over a billion women in North America alone are on a diet RIGHT NOW…..
SERIOUSLY…restricting food, without enjoying what they are eating,
in their one and ONLY life.

YUP — I am SASSY, sooooo unapologetically…here to guide, love, care, and BE ME!!
What would happen if you were just YOU……

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