fun and games…

I love a game….
especially a guessing game, 

Since running the Wine Country Half Marathon Relay with my sister in June for our birthdays in June, I wanna RUN again….on the regular.

SO I thought…felt into it, 
HOW can I make this fun AND include my boys!

Here is what I did…
I created 15 running workouts,
varying distances, 
HILL workouts — I LOVE HILLS, 
a few speed intervals, 
runs on the treadmill, 
SPEED workouts, AND
some where the boys come with me on their bikes!

I cut them out and put them in a little bowl that Matt 
made me for Mother’s day.

15 times this month, William is going to get to choose which workout I do, 
I will video some, and SHARE every single sweaty SELFIE…
CUZ fitness is FUN and can include the kiddos!

We get to try things out until we FIND, and connect to the 
THING, the sport, the activity, that is exciting, 
FOLLOW those clues.

OUR BODIES are meant to MOVE,
I repeat, 
OUR BODIES are meant to MOVE, 
WANNA run with me? Share your journey too!

HOW do you infuse a little FUN into your activity, movement, and FITNESS? 
Share and tag someone you want to have a little fun with!

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