17 mins…

That’s all it takes to shift your mood, your energy, and maybe even your life.
IN the last couple of months, I have been using my timer….not sure where this idea came from, but it has seriously changed my life…

Sometimes there are things, tasks, projects, to do’s in my business, for work, and
around the house that I just gotta GET done. But I don’t, it feels like too much, or sometimes I just feel a little scared….pitching myself to a podcast, inviting someone on to mine AND don’t want to be rejected.

Sometimes its opening my closet, day after day, clothes (of all sizes) filling the space, a reminder of the ‘stages’ of my life from a size 2 to a 18. I know that when I get off a coaching call, when I come back from the park with the boys, or a hike with my husband…I feel more alive.

I have been choosing to take these opportunities when I am in ALIGNMENT, feeling light, powerful, and taking action.


That’s it…..not committing to the entire thing, NOT doing everything, but just moving the needle forward, choosing to GROW and put myself out there and SEE, FEEL what happens.

Turns out, Erin Porter, from Beauty and the Beastfit said yes to being on my Podcast and so did Sarah Nicole from the Papaya Podcast…we are figuring out timing. Stay tuned, you will not want to miss these episodes.

My closet it still full….but I feel 17 mins of my weekend is going to take care of that heaviness in the fashion world. What is holding you back? What area in your life do you think about and dread? Causes you stress, worry, and anxiety? Money, relationships, wanting to have a conversation……but to afraid of the outcome.

First off….be honest that it IS there…pulling at you on the daily. THEN get out your iphone and put on the timer for 17 and take ACTION.

AND of course, message me, share, how it felt…..I promise this 17 min thang will become a part of your weekly, even daily routine.

3 thoughts on “17 mins…

  1. I have used this method in the past , it’s really effective and feels very doable and keeps me focused !
    Thanks for the reminder !


  2. Congratulations on the podcast guest line up!


  3. Congratulations on the podcast guest line up!


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