creating the space to feel….

The time is NOW to breathe….
life is busy, so much to do, overwhelm, living on autopilot,
breath is a tool….within that we carry with us everywhere AND
truth be told, we have been breathing since the moment we were born,
but what if you learned how to use breath to let go…..

What would happen if you could use breath to
let go of the worry,
the stress, the overwhelm, AND
the anxiety.

If you have been following me on FB, IG listening to my podcast or right here
in my weekly blogs, you know that overewhelm, stress, worry doesn’t really exist
for me anymore…..

For me, it’s about using my breath….
every day, to be able to create the space to FEEL,
it’s amazing what an intentional inhales and exhales,
will offer you, your body, in those moments.
When I create this space, I notice the stories, the outcomes I
have attached to the worry, the stress….
I have learned to respond, NOT react,
I use integrative breath (you know the kind, with my eyes wide open),
moving through my day….when I am parenting, in meetings for work,
AND on coaching calls ALL THE TIME.

I have had my boys say…..”mom, I know you are more mad on the inside, YOU
just aren’t showing it”. AND yes in momnets of life, I am angry, upset, disappointed, worried about something that hasn’t happened yet…

BUT this is where breath comes in….
elongated inhales and exhales,
nostril breaths, exhales only through the mouth….
I pause, I notice what I actually feel.
AND I take action, choose, respond from a more calm,

Then there is meditative breath….this was not always my thing, so if this
sounds weird and ‘out there’….be open and know that we get to be curious,
and try new things in life.

I have been working Samantha Skelly, with her plan to bring PAUSE Breathwork, to every city in North America and around the world. I am soooo stoked to be the Mentor for the 6 month experience to guide 55 women to join us in San Diego in September for the PAUSE Beta Facilitator Training. This is where Samantha will guide, train and teach women to become leaders in the breathwork arena. PINCH me…I am going to be by her SIDE….learning more, breathing and creating soooo much space to FEEL.

WHY meditative breath and what is meditative breath anyway…..the simple version, it’s meditation for the body…it’s using different types of breath patterns to connect to your own body, eyes shut, lying down. If you have ever done a meditation, sometimes it’s hard to turn your mind off…RIGHT? I have heard so many women I coach…”yup I have tried meditation, but it’s not for me”…..IF that’s you, YOU gotta try breathwork.

In breathwork, the focus on your breath naturally quiets the mind….the noise, the negative self talk, the doubt is become silent and your body FEELS, all the things, physically and emotionally…

During the meditative breath sessions are different for every person, because we are different people, with a variety of experiences, with energy, with emotions in our body…wanting, waiting to be expressed. There are tears, laughter, and gutteral cries of sadness, grief, or loss. There are epiphanies, there is lightness and surrender.

Sometimes I get tingly, I almost always get cold, so I wrap myself in a blanket, and I always see things…..purple starfish, stormtroopers, and a rubiks cube, just to name a few. The breath sessions are a part of my weekly routine, they are intentional and they ground me……completely.

I get to create space to feel on the daily, in my everyday world, AND while
lying down, choosing the meditative practice. It’s truly changed everything for ME. And it can for you too.

If you wanna try the free PAUSE Audio…here is the link….create the space, don’t plan to go to work after, just be still, listen to your body AND message me to tell me all about it.

I want you to know that I am currently planning my BREATH Workshops for the Fall. I will also be doing 1:1 sessions, in person AND online teaching, guiding women, moms about using integrative AND meditative breath in their life.


Message me or comment below if you want IN on this opporutnity. Dates are being secured this week for the 6 week Workshop Series…..”The Calm MOM”. I cannot wait to share the power of our own breath…

There is so much to learn ourselves and the ripple effects of teaching the power of breath to our children……AMAZING!

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