the reflection in the mirror…

What do you see when you look in the mirror?
IS it the beauty within and what we ALL see from the outside?
Or something else?

AND I am curious…..
Do you avoid looking
in mirrors,
reflections in windows of store fronts?
What thoughts come up for you?

Are they whispers of truth? Whispers of love?
Or are the quality of those thoughts tearing you down,
from the inside out?

OUR bodies are reflection of how we are living our life.
WE see them and for some of us, we blame our bodies, for being
TOO big, too small, too jiggly, too MUCH.

Ooooooohhhh OR what about NOT enough….not good enough, lean enough, strong enough. It really can span the entire spectrum. TRUST me my body shape has been so many sizes over the years!

WE blame the food,
because it calls us,
yells at us, and at times
whispers too…..

But it’s not our bodies fault, nor can we blame the FOOD.

It’s definitely not the food, or about WILL POWER and control. I REPEAT it’s not about WILL POWER and CONTROL!

The food is delivered to our bodies by the WOMEN we are, in the moments we are choosing to numb, to avoid, distract?

In the same breath….the food we eat also can nourish our bodies, for health, hunger, for pleasure.

WE get to choose…we GET to CHOOSE!

We glance in the mirror, notice the shape and quickly look away. I encourage you to be kind to the body that is guiding us on this life. IF we want to create a new shape, a different shape, I am curious….why? What is your intention? What will that shape provide you? BETTER yet, what do you want to FEEL in a shell, in a body that looks different than it is in this moment?

When I was 116 pounds 15 pounds lighter than I am now….I was not happy, I didn’t love my body and I was gaunt, I was lean, I look back and I cringe. There are people in my life that talk about days, like there was value in who I was at that size.

GUESS what…
NEWS flash — there is freaking value you in ME, in YOU at any and ALL SIZES!!

I am openning up this conversation for this weeks blog because I have been coaching so many women that are feeling unhappy, desiring to be a different SIZE or shape, and there is a focus on food and exercise. A desire to control.

Our body is a reflection of our experiences, our choices. We do not need to track calories, ketos, macros or any of that other stuff. STOP, notice, look in the mirror.
We don’t need to hit cardio heart rate zones…and push our bodies to the point of injury.

WE get to listen to our bodies. Learn to know, to feel what feels fantastic.
To learn to eat for health, hunger, and pleasure.
TO MOVE our bodies for fun, longevity, to get a kick*ss sweat on and run up a hill.
Because when I choose to do that…..I feel amazing, I feel alive, and any worries wittle away as I move each foot forward.

I am asking in you…
in this moment to be honest….
with me, and YOURSELF.
If you don’t like, love, or accept your reflection in the mirror.
BE honest about it. SAY it out loud, message me. Tell a friend.

FROM this place we can
shift, change, and notice
where in our world!
THEN I ask you…..can YOU, can WE show up with integrity.

Create the vision of how you want to feel…..your desired feeling when you look in the mirror. BE that, more often than you aren’t.

WITH INTEGRITY— DO what you want, and BE who you say you want to be.

TAKE action from that place, everyday…
NOURISH your body…don’t blame the food or will power!
FEEL the emotions that come up AND move your body.
Take messy action — go for a walk, hike, get outside.
It doesn’t matter how you do it, its the shift in energy that will guide your day.

Living in denial sucks, watching days pass by without movement feels heavy. RIGHT?? YOU know it does.
YOU are the only one that KNOWS it all!

What is truth and what is NOT in your world?
Let the reflection in your mirror be your guide
IF you desire something in this life…..
CREATE the opportunities in your world to experience it.

I want to leave you with this….
YOU are not alone, EVER in this struggle, in this grind, on this path.
Nourishing and moving our bodies…..MATTERS.
Be honest with yourself first and
then share with someone your intentions and why!
YOU will feel lighter I PROMISE….and then everything GETS to change.

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