It’s simple really….
when we slow down just a little and LISTEN to our body,
it’s clear what nourishes our body and what does not.

When I eat foods that are too salty, I feel yucky,
too much at one sitting, I feel bloated and tired.
Not going to lie, I am even experimenting with the amount and type of meat I am eating these days.

BECAUSE it doesn’t FEEL fantastic. It’s just feels heavy in my body.

TOO much of anything can mess with your body.
EVEN veggies and definitely raw ones for me. I just can’t digest them without getting an upset tummy. This beet and feta side dish has become a staple in my kitchen these days, roasted veggies, or cooking them on the BBQ has been a game changer……..they are sooo yummy and my body agrees.

NOURISHING my body is not just about the food that eat, it’s being creative, trying new ways of cooking, new recipes, and adding in foods that I haven’t tried in ahwile or are completely new to me.

NOURISHING is not about poached chicken, steamed rice and plain old brocolli.
NOURISHING our body is adding in colour, texture, variety, AND listening to that one and only body of ours.

I love a smoothie every once in a while, my intention, easy and so delicious. I love cottage cheese and greek yogurt in mine, some frozen fruit and a whole lotta of spinach, kale and sometimes spiralized steamed beets….I have got just the balance of natural sweetness to the veggie ratio. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

But truth be told, I would rather eat a smoothie bowl, adding ‘reel’ food on top OR better yet, just having the foods in their natural state. Nothing like a bowl of fresh blueberries or raspberries with some yogurt with a sprinkle of homemade granola, chia seeds and coconut.

Eating whole foods, foods I can pronounce, is where MY BODY feels its best. I don’t like protein powder after taste, so I DON’T eat it. AGAIN, it’s so simple, when you just listen.

The intention behind this blog today… noticing, being present enough to be mindful of how our bodies feel before, during, and after a meal, snack and even those pleasurable foods.

Being honest about how we are fueling, nourishing, and putting in our bodies consistently is KEY. We cannot change what we do not acknowledge. AND in the same breath, we cannot create what we don’t envision. HOW do you want to feel?

So tell me, what do you want to eat more of to nourish the one and only body you live in? What do you want to eat less of? What foods make your body SCREAM at you when you eat them? Any favourite recipes that you want to share?

Eating intuitively has changed everything for me….it has freed up so much time and negative self talk about what I should and shouldn’t be eating. The self sabotage just doesn’t exist. We get to learn how to trust our body in this intuitive way. AND most importantly, I gotta tell you, it still requires meal planning, getting the grocery lists made. I have to ensure that I have all the ingredients, making the time to head down to the farmer’s market and that the foods that fill me up and FEEL amazing are in my kitchen. YUP, it is that simple.

Ask yourself today, this week, before you eat, before you nourish….is this food going to increase my energy, my vibe, make me smile on the inside out or DEPLETE me, make me wanna check out, or feel guilty and shameful. SO much to be curious about.

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