stillness, through breath…

You know by now, if you have been following my blog,
my journey, my connection to myself, my family, AND my mission.

My passion is to work with moms!
I want to share the message that we do NOT
need to struggle with food, and our body, NOPE not anymore.
My desire is to not spend any more time in my life and guide women
in LIVING their most vibrant LIFE.

I want the diets, the emotional and binge eating, the overexercising, or working out for punishent to STOP. Let go of restriction, the good foods, the bad foods, its all BS really….just LIVE YOUR LIFE!

My mission is clear, and you know what else is…..
I wear my heart on my sleeve.
I am passionate, I am energetic, I am an extrovert.

BUT, when I do breathwork, when I choose to be intentional with my breath,
My heart rate slows down,
the voices, the noise, the chatter in my shuts down.
I am grounded.

The more I choose to use integrative breath (throughout my day, with my eyes wide open), I am ME, I am sweeter, kinder, and have sooooo much more patience. The creativity is flowing, and I am sooo much more productive in all areas of my life.

I know that Moms spend so much time, trying to do it all…..I want all Moms to feel and experience breathwork. I am going to create the Calm Mom Breathwork challenge and Workshop Series this fall. I am heading to San Diego in September to learn even more about this amazing tool that we all carry with us EVERYWHERE. Our breath is calm, and our breath is power!

Our breath, your breath is the only thing that we are born with, and that stays with us throughout our life….that doesn’t age, doesn’t shift, or change. BUT boy, oh boy, can it transform.

I love the stillness I feel when I do meditative breathwork. For me, as GOER, a DOER, that active, busy woman that I am, it GROUNDS me. I am excited, open, and look forward to creating space to lie down, with just me, my breath and the guided audio, 4-5x’s per week.

Slowing down,
energy and emotional release,
connection, and the
stillness, oh the stillness,
that I get to feel in my body, and my mind.

In these moments, throughout the day, I get to let go of the overwhelm, and the worry, and with the meditative sessions, I feel so much freedom as the anxiety, and stress are released from my body.

BREATHWORK is just as important to me in my world these days as moving, sweating, stretching, nourishing, drinking my water, eating whole foods and veggies, because it provides that connection to myself, and slows me the hockey sticks down.

If you desire more stillness, more calm, less stress, worry, overwhelm and anxiety in your day, your world, your life……keep following me. I am stepping up the BREATHWORK game. I will be asking for women and Moms for my practicum after September 15th for Group sessions (in person and online) and individual sessions. Message me if you want in on this experience!!

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