where is home…

It’s been a year,
since our family moved from Victoria to Kamloops.

I spent the last week back ‘home’.
The ocean air, the sandy beaches,
the WOMEN, and family.
It felt amazing, and yet it didn’t quite feel like home, anymore.

WE all want to belong, feel loved, appreciated.
Be noticed, heard and seen.
I have realized, I am a connector, GLUE of sorts.
Planning, loving, bringing women together.
I thrive on the connection and relationships that fill me up.

But I don’t have that in my new city.
Because I haven’t chosen to,
this year has been one of growth,
and connection to myself.
My journey with food, my body, my worth
has been bumpy.
The growth continues on the daily.
And it does for you too!
We are never DONE this work, this growth, we only get
to continue to peel back the layers.

Truth bomb
My struggle with food and hate for my body is ‘reel’.
Biggest lesson of the year…
You cannot blame your body, AND
it’s not the foods fault.

If you struggle with restricting, going on diet after diet,
FOCUSED on ‘living’ when you lose the weight,
Playing the if/then game.
Wondering, feeling judged by others about the way you look.
STOP…..and take a breath, and listen.

Home is where the heart is.
I know, a little corny, but it’s true.
Home is where you feel light, alive, and comfortable,
some might even say ‘safe’.
Home is in my body, I feel it when I slow down,
when I am soooo freaking present, with myself,
with the boys, and with John.
I do not feel at home or ANYTHING for that matter,
when I am on autopilot.

Home for me, is NOT where I live, or my street address,
it’s the connection to myself, my passion, this mission.

We get to create our life, our experience.
Life is not happening to me.
I cannot blame people, or be resentful.

That is why I always ask, and am curious…
HOW do I want to live my life?
What do I desire?
AND of course my favorite
Am I showing up as the woman I want to be in
ALL of the relationships I am in living.
INCLUDING the one with myself.

IF not, why?
Where is the discord? Why the hustle?
What and who are taking up this energy?
WHERE do you get to grow?
Life is happening for us.
Home is RIGHT here.
In your body!

You get to create the life you desire….
I finally feel at home in my body,
but I desire a community connection.
SO I have joined a running group, a yoga studio,
to build connections, and meet new peeps.

I have learned so much about my new city, my community,
it’s time to find where I belong in it.

I wasn’t ready to do that over the last year,
I felt a little lost. Connected to my family, but missing
the tribe of women in Victoria.
I realized I had to feel at HOME in my body first,
ahhh and it feels so good.
Where do you feel at home? Safe? Comfortable?
It all starts with curiosity.

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