about cheryl

Take a few minutes and watch this VIDEO!! I have 3 boys, and I was going to wait for the ‘perfect’ time to create it, AND THEN I decided….
I wanted it to be ‘reel’…..

So with my hat on backwards, laundry baskets and boys voices in the background, I pressed record.   This is ME!! 

I have struggled with over eating, restricting, and the yo yo dieting for years…never really finding comfort and happiness within myself.  For decades,  stepping on scales dictated my mood, and how I felt about myself.

I thought…..if only I had enough will power and control. I lived in the IF, THEN world….IF I lose the weight, THEN I will get to be happy,  get to buy a new outfit, get attention, feel important, the list goes on and on.  

What happened? What shifted? What was my motivation to let go of the pain and the struggle?  

It was simple!  I wanted to live, to be there for my son’s graduation, their weddings, and meet my grandchildren.  I know firsthand, that these are gifts, not guarantees in life.  I lost my dad, much too young, having both his legs amputated from complications with adult onset diabetes. I wanted something different for my life, and so the growth began.  I started the journey, to become a Personal Trainer, following my passion for fitness.

There were so many setbacks, my scale went up and down, so did my pant sizes, my body changed, the muscle, the cellulite, my confidence, and my shame.

My life has been quite a ride, and I LOVE what I have created…..
the love, the growth, the expansion and the
FREEDOM from food!!

I have found my purpose, I have found my passion…
this is my platform to share my message and transform women’s lives.

I am a Food & Body Freedom Coach

Check out my ‘reel’ life in the Journey Gallery.  

When is your journey to find freedom going to start? 


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