Where do I begin, why am I so lit up, so passionate,
SO SASSY when it comes to YOU,  living your best life?
Why do I care SO damn much? Here is my WHY!

My Story

I have struggled with over eating, restricting, and yo yo dieting for years…never really finding comfort and happiness within myself or my body.  For decades, stepping on scales dictated my mood and my worth, and how I felt about myself. I am saddend to admit that I have missed moments of my childrens life because I was pre-occupied with my body shape, size, and the emotional eating that was tearing me up inside. 

I thought…..if only I had enough will power and control. I lived in the IF/THEN world….IF I lose the weight, THEN I will get to be happy, buy a new outfit, be loved, feel important, dare to dream, the list goes on and on. I didn’t deserve to be happy, if I wasn’t a certain size or weight.  It was never the right TIME to just live and be me.  Add in being a mom, YES, its amazing and one of the most challenging roles ever!  Sometimes chaos, overwhelm, and the desire to ‘supermom’ felt so heavy and stressful.  It felt like too much to handle!

What happened? What shifted? What was my motivation to let go of the pain and the struggle?

It was simple! I wanted to live, be present, and be free from the madness in mind. I wanted to be there for my three sons – their graduations, their weddings, and to meet my grandchildren. I lost my dad, much too young, after he had both his legs amputated from complications with adult onset diabetes.  I know firsthand, that there are no guarantees in life, only gifts if we choose to see and accept them. Life is not a dress rehearsal, this is it!

I wanted something different for my life, and so the growth began. I started the journey, to become a personal trainer, following my passion for fitness.

There were so many setbacks. My scale went up and down and so did my pants’ sizes. My body changed, the muscle, the cellulite, my confidence, and my shame. Turns out fitness didn’t fix my fight with food and my body, in some ways it made it worse. I had the body, but what I had to endure and do to look that way, I NEVER want to go back to!

My life has been quite a ride, and I LOVE what I have created…..the love, the growth, the expansion and the FREEDOM from food!! The freedom to live, love, and to breathe, move, nourish and feel.

I have found my purpose, I have found my passion, bringing breathwork to women who have the desire to live a more vibrant life. I thrive on working with groups of women, and moms, inspiring them to live the lives they desire NOW, without waiting. I love connecting with women on the Reel Life Freedom podcast, sharing a womans story and growth on the Reel Life Freedom podcast.  Speaking at LIVE events completely lights me up, and hosting grand + luxurious retreats fills my soul!

I want to show you when you breathe, move,
nourish, and feel, the possibilities are unlimited.
And that you my love, are truly unstoppable!

What’s with the sass?

I want to work with women who are ready, to break through the limits, the fears, and rise into the life they want. Sometimes it will be with love, softness, and nurturing, so much softness, guiding you on your journey. And other times, there will be a moment of truth, with a little sass that will open up a new path for you.  Time is limited, this is your one and only life, and I want you to truly live it…….NOW!