be inspired…

It’s all about the PIVOT…

I am choosing to live the life… the life I am passionate about living!

-cheryl hawrychuk

Breath is powerful, it’s gentle, we carry it with us everywhere. I cannot wait to share meditations, breathwork patterns and experiences of how to USE breath to create space in our life… FEEL, to be, and LIVE.

Movement has been my jam, my focus, and my passion for years…..I am ready to embrace how MOVING can be so much more than
just a workout.

I wan to inspire you, show you, and work with you to help you connect to what MOVES you, inside out and out!

I want to nourish my body!
I want to eat for health, hunger, and pleasure. I want to expand my horizons when it comes to recipes, using ingredients I have never tried before, and have my family experience all of the wholesome goodness too! I want to BE open and free to trying sooooo many new foods…
AND I want to share it all with you!

AHHH feeling….all the feels, the darkness, the heavy, the anger, the ones we have kept hidden for so long.
I also want to lean into the joy, the BLISS, the love, and happiness that my life has to offer.

I absolutley LOVE LOVE LOVE this photo of my husband and I. This image is from a photo shoot on our 10 year anniversary. Every 5 years I get back into my wedding dress and we ‘do’ it all over again.
I am HAPPY in this photo, expressing all the love I have for my sweet husband and our life together!

I want to explore how we get to FEEL to HEAL our relationship with food. I have so much to share with you about expression, feeling, and sharing all that you ARE with your family and loved ones.

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