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Life is about decisions we make, everyday. What are going to eat, what are we going to wear, whether we are going to be active, read a book, or watch tv. Spend time with the kids or clean the bathroom? What about time with your husband/partner? So many choices, and so little time. We have family commitments, jobs, commutes, and housework. Where do we fit in? Then there is the guilt…..ahhh the guilt. We are so used to do ‘doing’ for others, we often put ourselves low on the priority list.

At Reel Life Fitness, we have something for everyone. Outdoor Boot Camp classes, Personal Training, and Baby Boot Camp! Find all of the details about schedules and fees here – Reel Life Services.

Have you every tried Online Fitness Coaching? It’s like having your own Personal Trainer/Coach at your finger tips! I have developed a unique Online Fitness Coaching program and one that has been specifically designed for just for Moms. Get plugged in and get ‘reel’ results. You get to choose – based on your wants, needs, and goals.

“I have done a much better job with the ‘prepping’ of healthy snacks and the staples that make a meal,so our family is eating better. My favorite part was the exercise challenges, such as doing lunges after every meal….it reminded me how easy it is to fit in bits of exercises throughout the day – it all adds up”. J.E.

Before your decide what services or programs fit for you, I want you to think about What do YOU Want and Why? This will drive your desire for change, your level of commitment and how successful you will be.

How many times have started a diet or fitness regime and quit? Eating clean for a week, and then decided that you wouldn’t be able to do that forever and that something was missing. Did you feel terrible, get discouraged, stop, and then gain the weight back and more? I totally understand that vicious cycle….check out My Journey Gallery, there is no denying, this has been my experience too. Have you ever made plans to meet with friend for coffee and have to cancel, because you were too tired or felt guilty being away from your kids and husband/partner? Your to do list trumped your YOU time?

Do you want to know what the game changer was for me? I decided WHAT I wanted and WHY? If you haven’t already, take a peek at About Me page, read my story. You will understand what I mean. This new mindset, changed my life. I even wrote a blog that was published in the Huffington Post about how it was the ‘aha’ moment for me.

I realized I can feel better, sleep better, and lose weight without being all in. That has been my problem in the past. One slip up, bad meal, or no exercise, and I would blow the day or week. With Cheryl’s coaching, I just went to the next day…I lost almost 9 pounds in one month.” L.H.

No turning back now, every year I am getting leaner and stronger and loving it. You can too, without feeling deprived, hungry, or spending hours working out. My programs are built on building healthy habits, through balance and moderation — that last. No starting and stopping here…habits don’t go away!

I will coach you, if you let me, and you are ready to go. If you are interested in learning more, and take that first step, schedule your FREE Reel Life Strategy Session!

In this 30 minute chat, we will discuss what you want and why, and what obstacles stand in your way. We will work together to find a program that is the best fit for you.



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