amy c. victoria, bc

What this work and integration has meant to me: 

I close my eyes and think about what I need, should and have to do.  When I open them, I am sweaty, my chest is tight, my head is numb and an anger builds and gets stuck right at the back of my throat.  It’s there, just waiting to lunge.  When it does, I am doing one of two things.. I am snapping at my children or husband OR I eat with an intensity and conviction that silences the even the small voices asking me to “slow down” or “what do YOU want to do”.  Since I started with Cheryl, I am hungry not for what is in front of me to numb thoughts and emotions… but hungry for what life has shown me and I haven’t realized it. 

It is a struggle to accept that relationships and events are messages directed to me… seeking a response from my own intuition – a soul voice – and I have just been telling them that they are not worthy all these years.  Today, I feel that I am evolving.  The integrative work in this program is not easy.  It takes persistence, vulnerability, the willingness to share negative self talk and the sheer practice of changing behaviors. 

This program is creating cognitive changes because it is executed by Cheryl.  Cheryl has a enchanting sweetness, a poetic delivery of words and the ability to connect to each person because she recognizes individual milestones (on and off the program), triggers and when we lie on our chat .. just to please people or make our story short and minuscule.  It means a lot for me to have met Cheryl and for her to take me on a journey I have never ever though possible.  The journey, as I see it, it travelling to the center of my own heart – where there lies only me.  

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