niki a. burnaby, bc

Like many women, I had been in what seemed a constant struggle with food and my body. I felt substandard, unworthy and unwanted because of the excess physical weight I carried. For over 30 years I was in a cycle of bingeing and restricting, yo-yo dieting, losing and gaining, always thinking, negotiating or justifying food. I experienced anxiety and insecurities that seemed to revolve around food and my body. So much noise in my head! A friend with similar struggles recommended I reach out to Cheryl. I am so glad I did!

It was scary to start the whole process, but Cheryl created a safe and supportive learning environment sprinkled with lots of good humour. She is a busy mom and totally gets it, understanding the pressures and demands of parenting and working. She provides meaningful thoughtful learning challenges and integration opportunities that are manageable yet powerful within my busy demanding days. She knows her stuff and lives it, setting an inspiring an achievable example. It is clear that Cheryl truly cares for each person she coaches. She is fully present in each of her interactions and deliberately and carefully supports those she works with adapting her approach to best support each individual. She is able to zero in on just the area that might be sticky. Like a skillful massage therapist, she finds those ‘tight spots’ and knows just the right amount of pressure to apply to release the tension and bring healing.

This work is not about the food! It is so much more. I am learning to truly live each moment of this one precious life I have. I have learned to stop and breathe and feel. I have learned the differences between physical and emotional hunger. I have learned that I was often afraid and distracting myself from having to feel big feelings. I am learning to trust myself and know that it is okay to feel. I am safe and valued. I love and accept my body, nurturing and caring for it. As I do, my body is responding and releasing excess weight, but this is no longer the goal. I am not waiting for a certain number on the scale in order to fully live life. I am here now. I have discovered peace within myself. There is hope.

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